Pioneer Life in Upper Canada

Aboriginal Peoples Helping the Pioneers

      Finding A Honey Tree

     Bees were brought to Upper Canada by the Europeans who settled in North America but many escaped into the woods and flew farther and farther away until they were all over Upper Canada.  The Native people soon learned to find and harvest the honey and used it for sweetening their food.
     Later the Native people taught the settlers how to find the bee trees.  They taught them to follow the bees back to their hives.  They learned that it was best to do this in the spring and they learned to be patient and quiet as they watched the bees feeding on nectar and then flying back to their hives.  Soon the settlers were able to find bee trees and use the honey for food and the wax for candles.

     Honey was also used for soothing cuts and scrapes and for healing sore throats.

Source: Long Ago Before I Was Born:
A Look At Life in Early Settler Times - A Unit for Grade 3