Pioneer Life in Upper Canada

Aboriginal Peoples Helping the Pioneers


         A very serious problem for the settlers was illness.  When they first arrived in Upper Canada, many people were ill from the long journey and lack of proper food.  The Native people helped the settlers by sharing food, food preparation ideas, knowledge for gathering and producing food and also medicines.
     At first some people were nervous about taking the medicines of the Native people but they grew to realize that the knowledge of these people was excellent.
     Barks of spruce and juniper trees were used to make tea that was very healthy and contained vitamin C which helped to prevent scurvy.  The inner bark of the poplar tree was used in the spring to make a healthy tonic.  Many people drank the sap from trees which was also healthy and nutritious.  Berries and plants were picked and used as remedies for many things.
     Many of these natural products are still used today by millions of people.


Source: Long Ago Before I Was Born:
A Look At Life in Early Settler Times - A Unit for Grade 3